What’s That Song Called?

For my poem I chose to start with the lyrics to the song Gucci GangĀ by Lil Pump and I extracted all of the Gucci gangs; all forty-eight of them so you can see them by themselves to get a feel for just how repetitive the song is. I chose this because I’m not really into literature or politics enough to get angry about a bill, law, or text, but I do love music.

I mainly listen to hip-hop and so called “mumble rap” however, I don’t like extremely repetitive music. When I tried to think of an annoying song this one was the first to come to mind. If you take out the hook, which appears four times throughout the song, and the forty-eight Gucci gangs, there’s only about 120 words left in the song that make up the only verse on the song. There isn’t a ‘correct’ song structure, but four hooks and one verse just seems lazy.

2 thoughts on “What’s That Song Called?”

  1. When I first saw your found poem, I actually laughed a little. I knew that song was repetitive, but to take all of the Gucci gang’s and put them all on one page shows that it’s almost comical how repetitive it truly is. Lil Pump certainly isn’t someone that I would ever chose to listen to in my free time, and I agree that the song seems lazy. (side note: the beat isn’t bad actually and Joyner Lucas made a good remix to the song if anyone wanted to listen) The takeaway of your poem that I gathered is show-casing the odd things that bring people fame sometimes, in this case, a very annoying repetitive song.

  2. First off this is dope, not a big fan on Lil Pump because he came at my favorite rapper J. Cole but he did apologize so I’ll give him his props. When I look at your poem I can automatically hear his voice saying “Gucci Gang” in so many ways which are hilarious. I literally used to hate this song because of the number of times I have heard it but gain to like it from its catchiness. Even though I love how simple and repetitive your poem is, I just hope he isn’t your favorite rapper lol.

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