Found Poem: Avenue

Note: The photograph of my found poem would not upload. Avenue

I felt like I was drunk

I remember

driving in your car

City lights

speed so fast

cruising to entertain ourselves

we were driving,

And I had a feeling I could be someone

I remember we were driving,

And I had a feeling that I belonged

You gotta make a decision

You got nothing to lose

I got nothing to prove

Maybe we’ll make something

Be someone, be someone

I’d always hoped for better

Thought maybe together you and me would find it

I want more from life than you could give

And finally see what it means to be living

For my found poem, I chose the song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. I chose specific words from the song to create a story of a girl driving in a car towards the city with a boy next to her. The girl feels like she belongs with him but towards the end of the poem, she realizes that there’s so much more life left to live and he can not give her that. She realizes that only she alone can find her reason to live and happiness.

While this song may not be upsetting for people, it is for me. This was a song my emotionally abusive ex would sing and play guitar to. Thinking of this song places me in a bad mindset where I felt small and helpless.

3 thoughts on “Found Poem: Avenue”

  1. Your poem made me really think about the power of music. I also chose a song as my foundation but for different reasons. Its amazing how songs can bring you up, bring you down, bring you back in time, and make you think about the future. I can relate to the feeling of having certain songs trigger certain memories and emotions.

  2. Iris, I really like what you did with this found poem and altering the experience of the song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. I like the structure and how you chose to space out the phrases. I know the song well and I am sorry that you have a negative experience correlated with it but your ability to share that in the way you did here is unique and inspiring. It shows how music has the ability to convey all different kinds of emotions and it depends on someone’s personal perspective how that song is interpreted and experienced.

  3. Iris
    I love your found poem. I think it is so interesting and empowering; sometimes everyone needs a reminder that happiness comes from within. I am sorry you had to experience a painful past relationship, but I agree with Collin that it is inspiring that you have taken a new outlook on something that doesn’t hold the best memories and turned it into a reminder of your worth!

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