“Teachers more than athletes”

For my found poem I used an article called “Teachers should make more than athletes” written by a Kentucky Supreme Court justice,  Bill Cunningham. He discusses the inexcusable fact that athletes, that just play a game to provide entertainment to our country, make quadruple the amount of money teachers make in a year. I used a blackout method to manipulate his article into my poem because I wanted the changes to be dramatic. I also wanted to amplify the importance of the words that were not sketched out. There is one sentence in the poem that is crossed out in a light blue color. This sentence is very hard to read but is still somewhat legible. The sentence is, “Those who teach in special education these days deserve a Purple Heart and a pension.” If the words I tried to make stand out to the reader to persuade them to see the unfairness in the wage gap, I hoped this sentence would open their minds to this concept. My overall goal of this poem was to inform to those who have no knowledge of this event and to persuade those who know of the gap, to see the impact teacher have, and how important their services to our youth really is.  Also, I wanted the reader to understand, as a society, we have to begin to recognize their worth. In doing so, we can help teachers in any way we can whether that is buying a box of tissues for the semester or making sure the child is ready to go to school on time in the morning. We need to begin to recognize how important teachers really are.


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