Head in the Social Media Clouds

Most of us have experienced it

Social media can make us feel good about ourselves

But its air of substance is too often just an illusion

Some of us give ourselves too much credit in general

Admittedly, it is difficult for me to swallow,

As I am guilty of everything I have mentioned.

I chose to speak about an article called Head in the (Instagrammed) Clouds by Isabel H. Evans. This article is about how all of us are basically brain washed by social media. The author makes some good points about what social media is doing but is also targeting everyone like we have the same problems. Although social media can be addictive and time consuming, some people have made their careers off social media. Also, this article speaks about how Instagram distracts you from painfully boring situations as if it is a bad thing. Social media helping us out of these situations is not a bad thing, older people just have it in their minds that us younger people being on our phones is so bad for us. We are constantly told that social media is ruining our social skills because all we know is typing and not speaking to people in real life. I don’t think this is true because it really just depends on your personality and how you are raised. Social media does not affect your social skills or your ego in my opinion. Egotism is a common term used in this article. Just because some people care about likes on a post, doesn’t mean it eats them alive at night, it only matters for that certain moment and then is forgotten about. Social media is not mind controlling and is not changing our lives in a negative way. Although it affects everyone in different ways, it should not be looked at in a negative manner any more than a positive one.

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