You’re so …

For my found poem, I decided to dissect the song “Ur so Gay” by Katy Perry.   When I first heard this song, I could not believe how offensive it was.  It immediately came to my mind to use as a found poem because of its offensive lyrics and overall message.  I cut up the words from the first verse of the song and placed them at the top of my poem.  In the upper right section of the poem there are offensive terms Perry uses to characterize the subject of her song.  The upper left portion of the poem contains personal beliefs regarding what the speaker wants for the subject.  The speaker acts as a bully in this poem, calling out a gay person as inferior because of their differences.  The upper middle of the poem contains other offensive descriptions of what the speaker considers to be a gay person.  My found poem can be read in any direction.  It is meant for the reader to find meaning by reading vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or backwards.  It is up to the reader to understand these offensive terms in their own way.  No matter which way this poem is interpreted, it should always have the same theme of discrimination against gay people.

For the second half of the poem, I decided to focus on the central theme of calling out a gay person.  To the left, I arranged several statements of “You’re so gay” to hone in on how offensive this claim really is.  I believe the repetition implies how much discrimination gay people face and how difficult it is for them to be accepted by the majority of people.  In the center, I included many fragments of “you don’t even.”  This is meant to reflect the confusion of the speaker in understanding his or her subject.  It shows how many refuse to accept gays because of their inability to understand them.  To the right of the poem, I organized the terms “like” and “boys” in several different ways.  Once again, it is up to the reader to interpret these fragments and understand them in whichever ways they see fit.  The central message of my found poem is to highlight discrimination faced by members of the LGBTQ community and to help readers understand the struggles that they face.  

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