My found poem would not upload either, so here it is typed out ” escape from       the humdrum

remedy the despair       “Of Love

connect with one another.

cut through the isolation of      life.

‘move out

from house to pub to flat to café to house 

to the next


a human being with strong passions and good reasons,”

tear                   and remake

something new.”



For my article, I decided to stray away from something political that would make me angry. I decided to look at the passing of British poet Judith Kazantzis. An overview of her work and life were described by the New York Times article, and this did make me sad because I have read some of her pieces of work for other classes and quite enjoyed them. Kazantzis was a woman who tried to empower other women, and later in life turned her focus on political issues. These two characteristics are important to me, so I tried to play off of those ideas and focus on connections. Plus, since we are making poems, I thought using an article about a poet was appropriate.

I tried to have the idea of connections come across with this poem. I think that in the world today it can be challenging to be reminded to treat others the way we want to be treated. There is so much hatred, discrimination, intolerance, and drama, that I wanted to emphasize on the idea that love and connections with friends and family are so important. Being “good to your neighbor” and loving unapologetically is something I try to live by everyday, and I wanted that to come through with this.


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